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Founded in 2017, Proz Conz began with single drone.

Today we have 3 drones, 2 video and digital editors, reshaping business one client at a time.

Proz Conz represents balance, we work with a wide range of different clients from the top end corporates selling commercial real estate right down to the relaxed farmer down in Southland. Our video and editing team are here to work with you and your business regardless of your style or budget.

To complete the package we also provide further marketing assistance to share your custom made content with the world. Our multi media technology integrates with social media, email, webpages and more to amplify your reach.

Proz Conz – let your business become our business.

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CheapSkate Pricing for surfers, motocross and more!


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We bring together the best and the brightest of NZ creatives. Our skilled team can help with all aspects of photo, video, web development, social media marketing, copywriting and more!

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We provide professional content to help you demolish the competition. Our young, talented team can provide the best product for the best price.

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